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The first computer I bought was an old Apple Macintosh LCII from a friend in 1995. Then in December 1996, I got a new Apple Macintosh 7600/132. In the following year, I bought a modem and went on-line. My provider offered 1 MB of web space for a personal homepage. So I started to design my first homepage in 1997 using Claris Homepage. Since then this leisure activity turned in a kind of small business I am running beside my studies. The products of my work can be found here. Some of the homepages I created are no longer on-line or lost their original appearance over time when other people took over the job as a webmaster for those web sites. Here, I want to show the original design as I intended it. That means that the homepages are not fully functional and all links to other pages are removed. The main purpose is to give a general idea of my work. I don't consider myself a programmer. Until today, I am not really fluent in writing HTML or JavaScript. I rely on the help of WYSIWYG editors and resources on the internet. However, I try to keep my code clean and simple. Nevertheless, my work is not centered around some fancy HTML or JavaScript code, but around the graphical elements of each homepage. For me, what you see is the most important part. It's is about designing, not about coding.