Taking pictures is one of my newer hobbies. When I was a boy and my family and I went to a trip somewhere I was used to take pictures with my parents' camera. I enjoyed taking pictures, but it never turned into a real hobby. Later when I started to get into computers I was fascinated by the possibilities of digital manipulation o pictures. I got a scanner and started to scan some of my pictures. Yet it took again some time until I decided to get a camera on my own. When I was all set to go to the US as an exchange student I went to get my own camera and bought a Canon EOS 300 with a 28-80 mm zoom. I love to take pictures with it. Photographing for me is a way to express myself. I photograph things around me.

If I go somewhere for a day trip I take my camera with me. The pictures mostly document my trips on Long Island and to New York City.
I also took some pictures from Konstanz, Germany, the town I was born in and where I have spent most of my life so far. I also like to take pictures of flowers. Nature always offers some good motifs for pictures. I realized that by taking pictures of things around me I have become more conscious about nature and how things are changing like the change of seasons.
Many of my pictures have been published on-line in the internet e-zine ATPM. They have a big collection of desktop pictures, and every month there are published more.