I believe that the insights of current biology research will lead to a significant change in the way how we will treat disease, grow our crops and build our homes. Biotechnology will have a much bigger impact on our lives than it already has today. However, at the same time as our knowledge about the living things increases, every field in biology gets more and more specialized. Every researcher is limited to a tiny piece of the whole picture. Politics and the common man are no longer able to understand what is going on inside the labs. Especially in Europe, vast parts of the population fears that genetically engineered crops will lead to an environmental disaster or unknown side-effects in humans. The large pharmaceutical and life science companies need well-trained biologist not only in research, but also as mediators between researcher and client and researcher and management as well as between the company and the public in general. The need for information increases with the growth of knowledge. I see myself as one of the persons in the position between the different parties. This includes also the possibility to work as a speaker of a company, counselor or journalist. My current academic training focuses especially on the scientific part.

work experience

Web designer
Position Employer Achievements Date
Web designer Faculty of Biology, University of Konstanz, Germany Updating/redesigning the faculty homepage from 03/1998 to 08/1998
Web designer, office assistant Prof. Dr. S. Ghisla, University of Konstanz, Germany Creating a web site, maintaining a congress web site, preparation of a scientific congress from 02/1998 to 10/1999
Prof. Dr. Ullrich, University of Konstanz, Germany Creating a web site 04/1999
HTML/script programmer Prof. Dr. Felsche, Prof. Dr. Welte, University of Konstanz, Germany Creation of an interactive tutorial based on HTML, published on CD-ROM and used in a lecture from 09/1998 to 08/99
Tutor Faculty of Biology, University of Konstanz, Germany Teaching a cell biology tutorial from 10/1998 to 01/1999
Web designer Dr. H. Illges, University of Konstanz, Germany Creating a web site for the newly founded BITg since 09/1999
Web designer Center for Infectious Diseases, State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA Creating a web site for the Center for Infectious Diseases since 10/2000


Institution Dates of Enrollment Degree Date received Grade
Heinrich-Suso-Gymnasium, Konstanz, Germany 09/1987 - 06/1996 Abitur 06/19/1996 1.0 (A)
University of Konstanz, Germany since 10/1997 Vordiplom 07/19/1999 1.4 (A)
State University of New York at Stony Brook, USA since 08/2000 Ph.D. - -


I taught myself HTML and the basics of digital image editing and started to build my own homepage. Later, I got the chance to redesign the web site of the Faculty of Biology. Due to my engagement there, I have had the opportunity to take part in a project with the goal to create an interactive CD-ROM based on HTML as supplement to an introductory lecture of protein science. I have also had a chance to teach a tutorial in cell biology accompanying a lecture in cell biology. Both experiences helped me to realize the importance of teaching and gave me the opportunity to develop or improve my own skills in teaching.
In the summer of 1999, I had the chance to be part of the team organizing the 13th International Congress on Flavins and Flavoproteins. It was a great experience to meet people from all over the world and help them to make their participation as convenient and fruitful as possible. I also had a good insight in the organizational, scientific and financial backgrounds of such an event and was able to actively participate in the different steps of preparing the congress. The work included the construction of a web site and a database as well as the final editing of the program and abstracts book.

I am expierenced in the use of standard office and database applications (MS Word, Excel, FileMaker) and desktop publishing software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, GoLive, Acrobat). Additionally, I worked with RasMol and Chime using PDB-files to create an interactive tutorial dealing with the visualisation of protein structures for teaching purposes.